In 1997, Jim and Carolyn Miller started with an empty piece of overgrown, rocky land and a dream to produce exceptional German Warmblood Sport Horses ; Greenstone Farm, LLC was born. Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Orange County Virginia and located just 5 miles down the road from Commonwealth Park (a large horse HITS show facility) Greenstone Farm, LLC is both a picturesque and practical location to breed horses.

We started with a small band of quality broodmares and bred our mares to the top performance sires of the time such as Parabol, Contucci, Riverman, Rainbow, Fiener Stern and Weltstern; to name a few. In 2003 we were very fortunate to be able to stand Weltstern, a world class Oldenburg stallion, through the cooperation and generosity of Kaleidoscope Farm. Through the well bred genetics of this great stallion, who consistently gave outstanding uphill movement to his foals, we were able to bring our horses to an even higher level of quality. We fell in love with this wonderful stallion and decided to fully purchase Weltstern in 2004. In 2009 at 27 years of age Weltstern sired his last foal crop and was retired from breeding. Weltstern passed away of natural causes at the age of 30 in 2012.

Weltstern's legacy continues through his offspring and his two remaining licensed sons Flint GSF and Fandango GSF, both bred by Greenstone Farm, LLC. Flint GSF earned his license through the 30 and 70 days tests held at Silver Creek Sport Horses in Broken Arrow OK. He is still in the Greenstone Farm, LLC stallion lineup. Fandango GSF earned the prestigious honor of being named the top colt in North America with RPSI in 2008 and then went on to win his 30 day test and become a licensed and approved stallion with GOV and RPSI through the 70 Day Stallion Performance Test. Fandango GSF is now (2019) with Kristy Doty at Kemah Farms in AZ and is performing in Grand Prix dressage.

In 2005 the opportunity to purchase another stallion came our way. We jumped at the chance and Sinclair B was added to our stallion lineup. Sinclair B was an excellent addition to the program and complimented what Weltstern passed to his offspring. Sinclair B consistently gave a strong hindend with solid hocks, good bone and 50% of the time a splash of color. He sired many lovely and talented offspring for us over the six years we stood Sinclair B. He was always a pleasure to work with as a stallion and was quite the gentleman. We kept several of his daughters to use in the breeding herd and continue to use them today. In 2011 Sinclair B went to Remembrance Farm, LLC under new ownership, where he stood as their Flagship stallion until 2015. Sinclair B passed away from natural causes in 2015 at the age of 24.

Also in 2005 Greenstone Farm, LLC purchased a 15/16 Arabian stallion named Champagne Ambassador who carried the Champagne Dilution gene. He was, at that time, the purest Arabian stallion, and stallion with the most approvable blood for the warmblood registries with that color gene in the world. He is the foundation sire of our Champagne Sporthorse breeding program. As of 2015 we are just about to breed for our third generation. To learn more about the champagne dilution gene please visit

Orleandro, an extremely special Holsteiner stallion came into our lineup in 2008 through Crooked Willow Farm in Larkspur CO. Orleandro was bred and born in Germany where he went through his Stallion Performance Test in 1998 in Neustadt Germany and received an overall score of 107.69 with an 108.33 for ridablilty and 102.58 for jumping ability. Orleandro was then imported to the United States as a 7 year old by Crooked Willow Farms where he stood at stud and did some competing in both jumpers and a little dressage before coming to Greenstone Farm, LLC. At Greenstone Farm, LLC he has been an outstanding sire adding lovely supple gaits, athleticism and rideability. He has been an excellent compliment to our mare herd.

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Our horses are well suited for dressage, show jumping, eventing and the hunter ring. All of our young horses have excellent conformation, dispositions and movement They are fun to work with and are willing to please.



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