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C3PO GSF is a Sable Champagne (brown base color) by Champagne Ambassador out of Grace Ann Banks. He was awarded Silver Premium status with RPSI. Champagne colored horses have pink skin with pigment so the skin will tan and not burn like the pink skin under white markings. They are born with bright blue eyes which turn to gray/green by six months and finish an amber brown by a year to eighteen months. Champagne colored horses are also born a darker color than their final adult color. Unlike most foals they will shed their foal coat to a lighter color instead of a darker one. For more information about champagne colored horses please visit www.ichregistry.com C3PO GSF was used in our breeding program for two years. He produced outstanding foals for us and we have kept a son, Chewbaca GSF, to continue the Champagne Sport Horse Breeding Program here at Greenstone Farm, LLC. C3PO has now been gelded and started under saddle.
Champagne Ambassador Creme Carmel ox AA Kash ox AAF Kaset
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Amurath Malia ox Makhsous
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Sweet Champagne Embasy ox El Shaklan ox
Bey Fantasy ox
Jurisa Gold Saint George ox
Dusty's Gold
Grace Ann Banks Grand Banks (Han) Sandsturm
Alsterblute St. Pr.
Gemini Grey Silk
Symapathie (Han)
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Spanish Dutchess
Delfin Doll xx Prince Aureole

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