Calypso Musique GSF
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Calypso Musique GSF is by Champagne Ambassador out of Debussy La Mer. This filly has made history by being the first horse carrying the Champagne dillution gene to be presented to Oldenburg NA ever. Calypso Musique GSF is a Classic Champagne color which is a black base with the Champagne dillution. Champagne colored horses have pink skin with pigment so the skin will tan and not burn like the pink skin under white markings. They are born with bright blue eyes which turn to gray/green by six months and finish an amber brown by a year to eighteen months. Champagne colored horses are also born a darker coat color than their final adult color. Unlike most foals they shed their foal coat to a lighter color instead of a darker one. For more information about champagne colored horses please visit This mare will be one of our foundation mares for our champagne Sporthorse breeding program.

Champagne Ambassador Creme Carmel ox AA Kash ox AAF Kaset
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Sweet Champagne Embasy ox El Shaklan ox
Bey Fantasy ox
Jurisa Gold Saint George ox
Dusty's Gold
Ratibor (Hol)
Raimond (Hol) Ramzes
Fostadin (Hol) Colonel
Americe xx
Little Tytus xx Ky. Colonel
Golden Earing
Belmoud Honor xx Highest Honors

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