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Black 2015 colt out of Calypso Musique GSF "Cookie" by Der Graf arrived just after midnight May 1, 2015. After 11 months of gestation, many mares have a "get this thing out of me" attitude. Cookie, however, took it a little further and proceeded to lay down with her rear firmly planted against the door, as if to say "Get it out of me, out of my stall, out of my life!".... and so we opened the door and this little man was born in the doorway. "Doorman" as a name didn't quite have the ring we were looking for, so we started looking at translations.... and settled on Der Türsteher (translates to "the bouncer") which seemed fitting as it starts with D, refers to one who guards the door, and loosely ties to the music theme of the dam line as "the bouncer" could be at a dance club.... This colt is extremely athletic and balanced, a real eye catcher. He should make an excellent partner in the show ring!
Der Graf Donnerhall Donnerwetter Disput
Ninette Markus
Princess Pik Koenig Pik As xx
SPS Anina
Gina Graphit
Calypso Musique GSF Champagne Ambassador Creme Carmel ox AA Kash ox
Amurath Malia ox
Sweet Champagne Embasy ox
Jurisa Gold
Debussy La Mer Ratibor (Hol.) Raimond
Americe xx Little Tytus
Belmoud Honor

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