Fenway GSF
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Fenway GSF is a 2013 colt. This cross is the second foal out of Confetti GSF and the first by Flint GSF from her. We were expecting this to be a nice cross but our expectations were definitely exceeded. This is a very fancy colt!

** Fenway GSF is having the time of his life in Michigan with his person Heather. She takes him everywhere! She says, " I've been incredibly impressed with his mind and he's been willing and brave for everything I've asked of him." Heather plans to Event Fenway GSF when he is a bit older. Fenway GSF pictured below from late winter 2013 to fall 2014.

Flint GSF Weltstern Welt As
Weltmeister (Han)
Elfene (Old)
Admiral (Han)
Blanelde III St. Pr.
Lucy Liu GSF Lynx Lincoln
Violetta I
Lightning Lulu Heff
Kastin and Twistin
Confetti GSF Champagne Ambassador Creme Carmel ox AA Kash ox
Amurath Malia ox
Sweet Champagne Embasy ox
Jurisa Gold
Taminnies Time xx Two Time Bruce Half Time II
Bruce's Queen
Taminnie Soysambu
Tammy R.

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