Flirtatious GSF
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We are thrilled with the result of crossing the Orleandro bloodlines with the genetics of Weltstern through Fandango GSF and Flint GSF's dam Lucy Liu GSF. It is exciting to see the culmination of our breeding program produce a horse as nice as Flirtatious GSF. Fandango GSF and Over The Top GSF are a winning cross and will be repeated. Flirtatious GSF was a Gold Premium filly and site champion filly at her inspection in 2014. This filly has the ability to do well no matter the direction she is taken. She has the attitude, athletic ability and presence of a top level horse.
Welt As
Blandine Admiral I
Blanelde III
Donner Blume
Donnerwelt Donnerhall
Abundant Pikör
Orleandro (Hol)
Oglio xx Athenagoras xx
Orellana xx
Bolivia (Hol) Landgraf I (Hol)
Piratin (Hol)
Lynx (Hol)
Lincoln (Hol)
Violetta I (Hol)
Heff xx
Kastin and Twistin xx

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