Oatmeal With Cinnamon GSF

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Oatmeal With Cinnamon GSF is With Cinnamon GSF's eigth foal. She is the first by Orleandro and the first that has not been a chestnut. This bay filly is a lovely type and very fancy. She is pictured here on inspection day. She was awarded site Champion Filly and Gold Premium status. This filly is extrememly fancy and will make someone a wonderful partner in the future.

Orleandro (Hol)
Oglio xx
Athenagoras xx
Nasram xx
Avenida xx
Orellana xx Tompion xx
Ordensweihe xx
Bolivia (Hol)
Landgraf I (Hol) Ladykiller xx
Warthburg (Hol)
Piratin (Hol) Ronald (Hol)
Gilda (Hol)
Welt As(Old)
Weltmeister (Han)
Blanine (Old)
Admiral (Han)
Blanelde III St. Pr.
Grand Banks (Han)
Sandstrum (Han)
Gemini (Han)
Delfins Joi xx
Lucky Break xx
Delfin Doll xx

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