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for Fresh Cooled Shipped Semen
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Live Foal Guarantee: If the Mare Owner's mare is barren, aborts or fails to produce a single live foal that can stand up alone and nurse within 24 hours after birth, Greenstone Farm, LLC will re-breed the mare until the mare delivers a viable foal provided that the Mare Owner furnishes a satisfactory certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian attesting to this occurrence within thirty (30) days of the date it occurs.

Should a licensed veterinarian determine that the mare is unsuitable for breeding, the mare owner may substitute a new mare. The substitute mare shall be bred under the same terms and conditions as the original mare.

Should the stallion become unfit for breeding or die before a live foal is obtained by the Mare Owner, Mare Owner may opt to use frozen semen from the stallion to fulfill the contract.


Forfeiture of Live Foal Guarantee: The entire Breeding Fee shall either be retained by or become immediately due and payable to Greenstone Farm, LLC and the Live Foal Guarantee above becomes null and void if Mare Owner does any of the following:

A. Fails to pay any fees or sums due to Greenstone Farm, LLC under this Agreement;

B. Fails to produce the veterinary certificate referenced in the Live Foal Guarantee paragraph above;

C. Improper care and attention of Mare, contrary to veterinary recommendations. (Proper care shall include, but shall not be limited to: proper feeding and nutrition, regular deworming with products approved for pregnant mares, vaccinations and proper intervention during foaling if necessary.)

D. If the mare fails to produce a live viable foal within four years from the date of the Breeding Agreement is entered.

E. If the Mare Owner decides not to fulfill the contract of their own accord.

F. The Live Foal Guarantee is not transferable. E.g., there shall be no right of return service to the Stallion or Live Foal Guarantee if the Mare is sold or otherwise changes ownership after entering into the Breeding Agreement.

  Veterinary Expenses: All veterinary expenses including but not limited to medications, tranquilizers, palpations, ultrasounds, medical intervention... etc. are the sole responsibility of the mare owner.

Collection Policies:

A. Greenstone Farm, LLC does not provide counter to counter service. We are too far from an airport to make this an economically feasible or practical option for our breeders.

B. Shipments may be sent Federal Express or UPS overnight.

C. 24 hour notice must be given prior to collection or collection cannot be guaranteed.

D. Greenstone Farm, LLC will collect Monday through Friday.

E. The non-refundable Booking Fee includes 1st collection, shipping and 1 shipping container.

F. Each additional collection is $250.00 US which includes shipping container and shipping costs.

Canadian Customers, please see our separate Canada Import Policies page.


Warrantees and Disclaimers:

A. Greenstone Farm, LLC only assumes responsibility that a minimum of 1 billion progressively motile sperm per breeding dose of semen is live and viable upon placement in the shipping container. Once the shipping container leaves the possession of Greenstone Farm, LLC then Greenstone Farm, LLC is no longer responsible for the condition and treatment of the collection.

B. Greenstone Farm, LLC is not responsible for lost, delayed or damaged semen.

C. Mare Owner is responsible for seeking registration of the resulting foal in the appropriate registry and will pay all associated fees and expenses.