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Deposits: Greenstone Farm, LLC requires a 10% deposit to take of horse off the market and make the horse unavailable to other interested parties. A horse will be considered still available to other buyers until a deposit has been physically received. The deposit is intended to hold the horse for the pre-purchase vetting process and/or purchase. A pre-purchase exam or payment for the horse must be scheduled or received within two weeks from the date of the deposit or the horse will become available to other parties. Greenstone Farm, LLC makes every effort to inform interested clients of other interested clients and work on a first come first serve basis. While we do everything to try to extend this courtesy, it is not always possible to implement it fully which is why Greenstone Farm, LLC recommends placing a deposit on any horse that is intended to be purchased. Should the buyer wish to have a Veterinary Pre-Purchase Exam done then the deposit is fully refundable should the horse not pass the exam for its desired purpose.
Veterinary Pre-Purchase Exam: Greenstone Farm, LLC is happy to provide all medical records available on any horse for sale upon request. In addition, we strongly recommend having a Pre-Purchase exam done on any horse being considered for purchase from Greenstone Farm, LLC; however, it is not required. If the Purchaser chooses to forego a pre-purchase exam, the appropriate places on the Sales Contract must be initialed stating that the Purchaser has been given every opportunity to have a pre-purchase exam but chose not to have one done. The expense of a pre-purchase exam is borne by the Purchaser. The pre-purchase exam must be conducted at Greenstone Farm, LLC or at the training facility where the horse is located unless otherwise agreed upon. We are happy to provide a list of qualified, unbiased veterinarians to perform the exam.

Horse Trials: We recommend and encourage coming to see a horse being considered for purchase as many times as possible before committing to purchase. We will do everything possible to make it easy to come see the and try the horse; however, we do not offer horse trials off the property of Greenstone Farm, LLC unless it is at the property of a farm where the horse is already in training.

Mares Sold In-foal: Mares sold in foal are guaranteed to be pregnant (in-foal) when they leave Greenstone Farm, LLC; however, we do not offer a Live Foal Guarantee on the foal itself. We strongly recommend a pre-purchase exam to confirm the health of the pregnancy. We also recommend obtaining insurance on the unborn foal.
Purchase of Foals: Foals purchased come with a full four months plus the remaining days of the month they are born. For example, if a foal is born on May 15th then the 16th through the 31st would be included in the free board in addition to June - September and payment of board would start on October 1st. If foals are not already inspected and registered prior to purchase then registration and payment of registration is the responsiblity of the purchaser.
Payment: We accept Cash, Bank Checks, Personal Checks, Money Orders, Visa, Mastercard and Paypal. All horses purchased from Greenstone Farm, LLC must be paid-in-full before leaving Greenstone Farm, LLC or affiliated farms. The purchaser must allow at least 7 days if paying with a Personal Check and 3 days for a Bank Check or Money Order to clear the bank before the horse may leave Greenstone Farm, LLC or its affiliated farms. If the Purchaser is from another country, four to six weeks must be allowed when paying with a personal check and 7 to 10 days for a Bank Check or Money Wire before the horse is cleared to leave Greenstone Farm, LLC. If the Purchaser would like to take the horse immediately and not wait for a check to clear, then cash, Visa, Mastercard, or Paypal are the preferable payment methods.
 On-Site Financing: We do offer an on-site financing program should anyone want to make payments instead of paying for a horse in-full. We allow up to six months to make payments on a horse. The horse must stay on the property of Greenstone Farm, LLC while being financed. We also require a full mortality and major medical insurance policy with Greenstone Farm, LLC being the beneficiary for the purchase price of the horse. We have this requirement to cover both Greenstone Farm, LLC and the Purchaser should something unforeseen happen. Once the horse is paid in full, and is in the Purchaser's custody, insurance is obviously optional. We do not charge interest on the price of the horse while the horse is being financed. All veterinary, medical, farrier and board costs are the responsibility of the Purchaser. Board charged during financing will be $300.00 per month. For more information see our Sales Contract with On-site Financing.

We also accept Visa and Mastercard if you would like to self finance which gives the Purchaser the freedom to keep and board the horse wherever they wish.

 Additional Expenses: When you purchase a horse from Greenstone Farm, LLC, we allow for a one week grace period, board-free, on the horse while transportation arrangements can be made; however, all veterinary, medical and farrier costs still apply. If the horse needs to stay at Greenstone Farm, LLC longer than a week, arrangements for boarding the horse become necessary and a Boarding Contract must be signed in addition to the Sales Agreement. It is required that Insurance is purchased on the horse at this time.

Transportation: We offer transportation services on a case by case basis. Please check for availability and price of this service at the time of purchase.

All transportation costs are the responsibility of the Purchaser; including a Health Certificate and/or Coggins should the horse be crossing state lines.