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Sire Line:

Welt As

Furioso II
Elfenbraut IV
Don Carlos
Admiral I
Blanelde III
More Magic
Blankenese II

Dam Line:

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Domdora (Han) Don Carlos
Furioso II (SF) Furioso xx
Dame de Ranville
Blanine (Old)
St. Pr. Horse
Absatz (Hann)
Abglanz (Trak)
Landmoor (Han)
Preislied (Hann) Pregel(Trak)
Vilmorin xx
Jules Magic xx
Blanelde St. Pr. (Old)
Blankenese II St. Pr
Lady Killer xx
Zita Manometer xx
Violetta I Caletto II Cor de La Brye`re
Lightning Lulu xx
Premium Mare Book


Raise a Native
Sweet Tooth
Extra Alarm
Blazing Count
Deedee O.
Kastin and Twistin
Mr. Kaskaskia xx
Princess Cappy
Isle Of Joy
Darlene's Joy

Sire Line

Weltstern - Weltstern has a world class pedigree. The sires that make up his gene pool all boast great accomplishments both in performance and breeding careers as well as in the deeds of their offspring. Not only are the sires noteworthy, but the dam lines are famous as well. At least seven of the dams in Weltstern's pedigree were State Premium and many of them have the honor of DLG awards as well. The DLG award is an extremely rare and prestigious honor. It is awarded by the national organization that oversees all the German Warmblood breeds; therefore, Hanoverian, Oldenburg, Trakehner, Holsteiner, Westphalian...etc mares all compete against each other for this great honor.

The bloodlines alone make Weltstern an outstanding individual but it is his accomplishments that really make him shine. He scored a very respectable 111.35 points in his 100 day test. He was not competed until he was in his teens (he was used for breeding) and at that age and without consistent training throughout his young life, Weltstern entered the dressage competition world at third and fourth level and moved up to Prix St. George with scores in the 60s. He has also been very successful as a breeding stallion. Despite only breeding live cover (all efforts to collect him have failed), which dramatically reduces the number of mares and limits him to a much smaller gene pool, he has sired 5 approved sons in the US through the 100 or 30/70 Day Stallion Performance Tests (Weltsieger, West Point, Wradar, Flint GSF and Fandango GSF) and another son, Welt Marke, who obtained a breeding license from Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar through performance records. Weltstern has also sired many premium foals, premium mares, winners of breed competitions and winners of performance competitions. He has offspring competing at FEI levels in both Jumping and Dressage.

Welt As - Welt As, was the champion of his 100 day test for Oldenburg licensing in 1981. He has sired 14 approved sons and over 60 State Premium Mares in his breeding career. He has sired both successful jumpers and dressage horses. Bonfire, his most well known son, was both World Cup and Olympic Gold medal dressage champion, while ridden by Anky von Grunsven. Welt As sired Diamond VIII an international Grand Prix dressage horse ridden by Christine Stuckleberger. Leroy Brown, also sired by Welt As, was reserve champion for the 1992 Olympic Show jumping team. Another son, Worcester, sold for DM420,000 as a dressage prospect at the 1989 at the PSI Auction.

Weltmeister- Weltmeister was a State Premium stallion who sired 34 licensed stallions and 56 State Premium mares. He is also the sire of many famous dressage and show jumping champions. His son Walzertakt was ridden by Robert Dover in Grand Prix dressage and his son, Warum 10, was a very successful show jumper. Westminster, Weltmeister's son, is the sire of Weihaiwej, Franke Sloothaak's show jumping super star.

Elfene- Elfene is from the very prestigious Oldenburg mare line of Elfenbraut. Elfene herself was a DLG mare as well as a State Premium mare. She is thought to be one the best daughters by Furioso II.

Wedekind- Wedekind, has produced both successful dressage and show jumping offspring. His daughter, Wendy, represented Germany in the 1988 Olympics in show jumping. He is also the sire of many licensed stallions. He is thought to be one of Ferdinand's best and most influential sons.

Domdora- Domdora was a State Premium Hanoverian mare and produced exceptional offspring.

Furioso II-Furioso II, is certainly the most important modern stallion to the Oldenburg breed and is arguably the most influential stallion to all the German Warmblood breeds. He is the sire of 81 graded stallions spread throughout almost all the Warmblood breeds in the world. He, through his progeny, is the top money earner for all stallions in West Germany. Furioso II died in 1986 having sired 81 approved sons, 96 dams of approved sons, and progeny earnings of DM9,000,000. He is also the full brother of Mexico who is the sire of the famous stallion Le Mexico.

Elfenbraut IV- Elfenbraut IV, was a remarkable mare. She was a DLG mare and a State Premium mare like her daughter. She also has the honor of winning the title of "Best Mare" eleven times in a row at the Cloppenburg Show in the Oldenburg breeding territory.

Ferdinand -Ferdinand, was no beauty. He was considered short of rib and had a steep sloping croup, but despite his conformation faults, he produced extremely athletic jumpers. Ferdinand was one of the foundation sires for the F/W line. His offspring were known for their courage, athletic ability and correct conformation. He not only sired international competition and Olympic team horses like Ferdl ,a gold medal winner and Mehmed another gold winner but his sons founded an important and prolific sire line. Best known is probably Wendekreis followed by Wedekind and Winnetou. Although, this F/W line is known for passing jumping abilities from generation to generation; Ferdinand's part of the line is noted for being very versatile, producing horses with both dressage and jumping abilities. In 1990, it was decided to change back to naming offspring from the Ferdinand Line with and "F" instead of a "W" to differentiate between the Ferdinand and Woermann lines. (Having two Family Lines with "W" has created a lot of confusion. Creating even more confusion was that the Ferdinand {Ferrara - Feinschnitt} Line started as "F" and changed to "W" midstream)

Don Carlos- Don Carlos, was one of the most successful sires of show jumpers. Born in 1962, he almost did not make the cut as an approved stallion. He was put into the books on the merits of his pedigree over his performance at the 100 day test. Who would have known what a mark he would leave on the Hanoverian (and others) breed. He produced 24 approved stallions, 43 state premium mares and 467 competition horses which have won well over DM1,000,000 .

Furioso - Furioso, was a Thoroughbred stallion standing in France. He, himself, was not much of a race horse but he produced excellent, athletic offspring. He is reputably one of the best Thoroughbred show jumping sires in the world. He sired over thirty approved sons. His son, Lutteur B, won the 1964 Olympic individual gold for show jumping. It was Lutteur B's ability to go through the jumping courses with such ease that so impressed the Germans that they sent many mares to Furioso xx to try to improve their horses. Furioso's most notable German son was Furioso II who went on to become one of the most influential stallions of the all the Warmblood breeds.

Miracolo - Miracolo, was also a Thoroughbred. He he was known for being a consistent producer of very athletic horses, especially jumpers.

Elfenbraut- Elfenbraut, was the matriarch of her line. She produced numerous State Premium and DLG offspring.

Admiral I- Admiral I, was awarded the honor of State Premium Horse. He was a world class sire who was best known for producing outstanding offspring most talented in dressage. He is the sire of Amadeus and Lady Adrienne both very successful international dressage competitors. He is also the grand sire of Feinbrand on the maternal sire. Feinbrand is a licensed Hanoverian stallion who received an overall score of 142.15 points at his 100 day test and was second out of seventy stallions presented at the 1990 performance test in Adelheidsdorf, Germany.

Blanelde III - Blanelde III, was also a State Premium mare. She comes from a long line of State Premium mares.

Absatz- Absatz, is a legendary stallion. He was a very handsome stallion with a lovely head and light, free action and he is known for producing typey horses with good heads, necks and movement. He and his father, Abglanz, are credited with helping to lighten the Hanoverian from being a farm/work horse to being the modern sport horse the breed is today. His line produced many state premium broodmare families as well as highly graded stallions. He sired 40 graded sons and over 605 competition horses. Some of his most notable sons include Allegro, one of Denmark's best sires, Argentan, a top Hanoverian stallion and Aramis, the show jumping World Cup winner. Other notable sons are Abundance, Akzent II, Anka and Aktuell to name a few. This line has a history of combining very well with the G-line (Grande).

More Magic- More Magic was the English Thoroughbred, More Magic xx. He is known for passing on jumping ability. However, jumping was not the only talent he passed on to his offspring, one of his most notable progeny is Mon Cherie, the 1980 Moscow Olympic dressage gold medallist.

Blanelde- Blanelde, is another quality mare with the honor of being a State Premium mare.

Abglanz- Abglanz, was a Trakehner stallion who sired 19 graded sons. He sired the legendary Abhang I, II, and III their full sister Zukunft. His greatest son; however, was Absatz whose influence has helped shaped the modern Warmblood sport horse of today. Abglanz, being of Trakehner blood was much lighter in body and had a much more refined and elegant head and neck compared to the Hanoverian horses of his time. He was used almost exclusively in the Hanover breeding district and therefore did not have much impact on the Trakehner breed. He and his offspring are credited with improving the head and neck of the Hanoverian horse.

Pregel- Pegel, was also Trakehner. Pregel comes from the great Trakehener mare family of Peraea 832 who was dam to the stallions, Pregel and Slesus as well as her champion daughter Perpetua. Pregel himself, was noted for passing his wonderful movement, bold character, lovely disposition, and a talent for jumping to his offspring. He is most famous for his son, Donauwind, who is the sire of Abdullah, the Olympic gold medal winner and World Cup champion show jumper.

Vilmorin Vilmorin, was also a Thoroughbred. He is the sire of More Magic who was known for producing great jumpers. Vilmorin has passed on excellent jumping talent into the pedigree's of such famous jumping stallions as Fuerst Gotthard and Voltaire.

Feldherr- Feldherr, is from the famous Hanoverian jumping line Flick-Flingarth.

Blankenese II- Blankenese II, was also a State Premium mare and produced many State Premium offspring.


Dam Line

Lucy Liu GSF - Lucy Liu GSF is a second generation foal from the Greenstone Farm, LLC breeding program. She was kept for the breeding program and is approved with both ISR/Oldenburg NA and RPSI in the Main Mare Books. She has produced many premium and gold premium foals in her breeding career. Her first son by Orleandro, On Target GSF, is also being kept for a stallion and will go through the 70 day stallion performance test in 2016 -2018 depending on training and development.

Lynx - Lynx was a multi-talented stallion and competed in dressage, eventing and the hunter ring. Lynx possessed excellent jumping ability, with good scope and quality jumping technique; however, he achieved the most success in dressage under his owner/rider Pat Deptford, winning multiple championships up to Intermediare level. Lynx's extrordinary diversity was rewarded when he was presented with the very first Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Lifetime Achievement Award for earning points in hunter, jumper, event and dressage competitions. Lynx was also noted for have an exceptional temperament which he passed onto his offspring.

Lightning Lulu - Lightning Lulu is one of the foundation mares which started the Greenstone Farm, LLC breeding program. Lightning Lulu is a 1995 Jockey Club registered Thoroughbred. She won over $20,000 in her four race racing career and was awarded Premium Mare status when presented to RPSI for breeding approval. She has produced many premium foals during her breeding career. Some of them are showing success in dressage and eventing as well as in the breeding shed.


Violetta I (Stamm 185) - Violetta I is from Holsteiner Stamm 185 which is a very successful Stamm line. It originated in 1840 with a brown mare named Maik who was a Thoroughbred / Arabian cross sired by the Holsteiner stallion young Rainbow. The line has produced many approved stallions including:

as well as High Touch (v. Highvalley u. Loving Touch v. Grannus-Follywise xx) who was a successful International Show Jumper.

Landgraf I -Landgraf I is regarded as one of the most influencial jumping sires in the world. His offspring have won more than 4.3 million Euro. In his Stallion Book of the Holsteiner Warmblood Breed, Dr Dietrich Rossow comments:

"Imposing appearance with enormous crest and neck carriage. Smooth total topline and much presence. Beautiful face with marvelous eye. Long, rather broad neck, long sloping shoulder. Withers, could be more clearly defined. Well shaped, muscular croup. Strong bone. Good in front. Slightly sickle hocked in youth (became very straight with age). Tied in below the hock and faults in the hind fetlocks. Good mover. Marvelous temperament. Phenomenal jumper; tight in front, lots of bascule, careful and talented. Great performance capabilities. Offspring are of various sizes and usually late developers. In youth, the tall ones appear leggy and narrow. Nearly always passes on his face, type and also his hindleg faults. Amost all offspring are endowed with their sire's jumping ability. In the beginning they jump rather awkwardly with less than ideal form which improves with increased maturity. Seldom passes on his overly heavy neck. Huge number of international class jumpers."

Landgraf I has produced nearly 60 licensed sons in the Holstein Books and 340 broodmares with 70 being States Premium. Landgraf I is the sire of Landadel: stallion test winner Medingen 1985. offspring have won more than 5 million D-Mark and was the number one stallion in breeding in 1991 and 1992. He is also the sire of Burggraaf: who was an international showjumper with Roelof Bril; they cleared the 2.10 m. during the puissance of Indoor Brabant in 1991 and in 1993 they were reserve champion of the 1.40 class for KWPN stallions. His offspring have won more than 2 million D-Marks. Libero, another son: won the Dutch National title five times and the 1994 Volvo World Cup. Freestyle (formerly Lalique): won Aachen Grand Prix . Lacros, also a licensed stallion who was not only a member of the German team but also earned more than a quart million Euro. Lacros is also the father of Lord Pezi ( G.Bockmann ) and Lacroix ( R.Whitaker ).
Lucky Luke, Lanciano, Landlord, Lausbub and Taggi were also top performers. These are but a small representation of Landgraf's progeny.


Caletto II


Ladykiller xx - 'Stallion of the Century', has been described, along with another of Ladykiller's stallion sons, Lord, as being 'one of the two great jewels in the crown of modern Holstein breeding'. His name appears in the pedigrees of an enormous number of successful modern day showjumpers.

Warthburg - Landgraf's dam Warthburg was born in 1962 and was bought as a weanling by Baron Friedrich Christian von Kielmansegg. After a competition career as a jumper, she produced Jenni, by the Thoroughbred stallion, Little Lion xx. Jenni is the dam of Orchidee, who was a member of the gold medal winning German jumping team at the Seoul Olympic Games with Dirk Hafemeister. .Warthburg then produced six foals by Ladykiller xx. Landgraf was born in 1966, the following year saw his full brother, Landgraf II, who was sold to the south of Germany where he was gelded. Under the name – Leon III – he went on to compete at Grand Prix level with Manfred Schlusselburg. In the following two years, the fillies Eva and Frederica were produced – Frederica when bred to Farnese produced the licensed stallion, Fredericus. In 1970 Warthburg produced another filly, Landgrafin who was ridden in the 70's and 80's by Hugo Simon, winning many speed and puissance classes.

Manometer xx


Cor de La Bryere





Kastin and Twistin


Extra Alarm

Mr. Kaskaskia

Isle of Joy

Raise a Native

Sweet Tooth

Blazing Count

Dee Dee O


Princess Cappy


Darlene's Joy


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